A journey down the Mekong to the Coconut Kingdom of Vietnam

Firefly Tour

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Enjoy sunset  Fireflies 

Tour details

When the rains stop, it is a great time to see a beautiful natural phenomenon - the fireflies (Dom Dom) season. These tiny insects emit a shimmer of light like a carpet of incredibly bright light. Watching the sparkling fireflies with the poetic natural scenery on the boat along the crags along the riverbank, where the rows of nipa palm trees are being grown around the small canals will give visitors a memorable experience when returning from the Mekong cruise.


  • 5:00pm ~ 5:30pm: Guests are picked up at Ben Tre Riverside Resort to Rach Mieu Ferry to see fireflies.
  • Discover the beauty of the holy place with 4 islets: Dragon - Unicorn - Turtle - Phoenix. Enjoy tropical fruit, listen the Southwest melodies under the sunset on Tien river.
  • The fireflies only appear at night. Before to watch it on the river, quests will come over Thoi Son islet, enjoy honey tea and see how to make Chocolate.
  • Admire the beauty of the Rach Mieu bridge at night
  • Continue to do boating along the river
  • 07:00 pm: Come back to Ben Tre Riverside resort, finish tour.



Tour price/ group 2.000.000đ 3.000.000đ 4.100.000đ 230.000đ/guest



Price (Including and excluding)

Price including

car, boat, coconut water/ fruit, entrance fee, tour guide, ensuarance, VAT

Price excluding


This is a seasonal tour and only available when there is no rain and no moon.

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  • Enjoy the sunset and Ben Tre’s chanty on river
  • Admire the marvelous wonder of nature
  • Guests can’t take their eyes off fireflies
  • 230.000 đ/ người lớn
  • 0 đ/ trẻ 6 – 11 tuổi
  • 0 đ/ trẻ 2 – 5 tuổi
Tour information
Firefly Tour
Tour price: 230.000đ/ 1 person
Children (2-5 years old): 0VND
Children (6 - 11 years old): 0VND
Total - VND
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