The village coconut fiber Ben Tre or the village coconut fiber An Thanh by the Thom River famous as the village "enriched". If you have occasion to visit the handicraft village in Ben Tre, visitors will be felt the buzz, excitement of the people here as they operate all year round and not stop.

Referring to the village of coconut fiber in Ben Tre, the people often refer to the village doing coconut fiber in the Thom River under the part of An Thanh social, Mo Cay district, Ben Tre province. Ben Tre Coconut Fiber Village is considered as 1 floating market on the Thom River by the day boat wharf, leaving the dock full of coconut boats or products made from coconut fiber. Moreover, the vocational village of coconut fiber in Ben Tre operates day and night, not at all time is not bustling, all on.

Thom River, also known as the Mo Cay Channel, is dug from 1905. It is a traffic route between the old Co Chien River and Ham Luong River. Especially, in recent years, the facilities of production village coconut fiber An Thanh – Ben Tre is not different from the coconut market.

An Thanh Coconut Fibre job, Ben Tre, is made from An Khanh social. After that, it spread to the other side of Khanh Thanh Tan River, Mo Cay Bac District. So, today, 2 on the banks of Thom River not only the production activities woven coconut fibers that it also develops other trades such as: Spin coconut fiber, chop coconut, buy and sell coconut...The place is very exciting.

Visiting the vocational village of coconut fiber in Ben Tre, most of whom have felt this is the floating market on the river. By the day, the boat swept back all over the place in Ben Tre province and neighboring provinces such as Tra Vinh, Vinh Long, Tien Giang to buy the coconut return to the village.
The village An Thanh Coconut fiber, Ben Tre is concentrated mainly in Vinh Khanh and was formed in the years 1980. There are only 2 establishments, but to date, the village of coconut fiber Ben Tre has 43 facilities, 6 companies and 1 enterprise specializing in producing coconut fiber, coir pressed, acne squeezing coconut fiber....
Currently, coconut fiber village in Ben Tre has attracted more than 1000 workers in the commune and the neighboring communes for the machining of coconut products such as: chopping coconut, drying coconut, peel coconut....Average per labor income is about 150,000 dong/day.
In the vocational village of An Thanh Coconut Fiber, Ben Tre is the place to produce the product line from coconut fiber to export to other countries. In terms of coconut fiber Ben Tre can make products such as: carpeted floor mat, mat mats, mattresses, scleroderma, woven carpets...

And in order to produce raw materials coconut fiber Ben Tre,then daily, An Thanh social bought about 10,000 dried coconut, the peak months as from October year ago to April year later there are facilities for the acquisition every day from 15,000 coconut. Every day, the production facility is about 4, 5 tons of coconut fiber and yield up to 350 thousand tons coconut fiber. The coconut shell when the purchase will be inserted into the dam to take coconut fiber.

Coconut dry after being purchased by the facility at the same price will be separated part of the shell for sale to the base of coconut fiber, coconut. With Ben Tre called Coconut skull, coconut, coconut water... Sold to the freighter everywhere. In the vocational village coconut on the banks of the Thom River there are dozens of establishments that buy coconut shells, coconut intestines.

In terms of coconut shell separation, the workman will use the iron knife tool, hard to be built into 1 very strong cylinder. Accordingly, each coconut will be the nimble, resourceful hands of the plumper with 1 easy way. The average for coconut peel 200 left is 40 thousand dong, each day on average 1 person will peel 1500 – 1800 left/day the income will be around 300 – 400 thousand/day. It is possible to see, the remuneration of coconut shells is quite high compared to rural workers but not all days have work. Only when it comes to coconuts, the owner finds a woman specializing in coconut shells.
After peeling coconut, there will be a group of coconut shells in the dormitory, taking coconut fiber. This group of people worked in the evenings, as most of the production facilities were coconut fiber that had moved from using the oil machine to the electric machine to dam coconut shells. Conversely, people who are exposed to coconut fiber work daytime because when it is sunny, the exposure of coconut fiber is favorable.

In the village of coconut fiber in Ben Tre, you will be witnessed the exposure of coconut fiber of the people here. Under the Sun more than 11h noon, the distance still sees the low shade of the carpet coconut fiber. They are scratched, quick scan hand to scratch the coconut fiber to be dry, quick drying.

In the rainy season, the exposure of coconut fiber will be extremely hard because of the wet, unfavorable weather that pulls over the drying of a long dry coconut. A coconut fiber drying yard is usually from 3-4 people, good sunshine only drying in the day is finished, each "celestial" workers are receiving more money 200,000 the same.
In general, coconut fiber Ben Tre today is applied in many different jobs but mainly coconut fiber is used for car into just to weave. Usually there are from 1, to 2 coconut shell battered machines. Average from 4, 5 dried coconut shells will produce 1kg of coconut fiber products.

Currently, Ben Tre coconut Fiber carpet development is very strong and is exported to many countries in the world such as: Korea, USA, India, Malaysia, China,...So the lives of the people here thrive.

It is possible to see that one of Ben Tre Coconut Furniture is currently favorite consumer can not not mention: coconut wood bowl set, coconut wood chopsticks, loc binh wood coconut...However, the product line of coconut fiber carpet, coconut fiber hat, coconut fiber bag.... is also 1 of the products are many people love nowadays. This is 1 of the products of the fine handicrafts that are loved and exported abroad.

About with the village of coconut fiber in Ben Trevisitors will experience the interesting people here about how to do coconut fiber to produce the carpet of coconut fiber, coconut fiber bag... perfectly beautiful serve life today. In the future, hope the profession village is coconut fiber Ben Tre will grow and reach further to contribute to building the country more rich strong and civilization.

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